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In Today's education Computer Programming Language Skills are becoming part of basic education as these skills are increasingly of vital importance for future job and career prospects. This introduces you to the core components of programming using the Python Programming Language Coaching in Delhi which is one of the most popular programming languages worldwide.

RED PIXELS Python Training Course in Delhi is designed to make the trainee proficient in Python programming and is as per the industry specifications. Our special training is provided by Industry experts and after completion of the course, the candidates shall be provided 100% placement assistance.

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Classes Modes Course Duration No. of Days
Regular Mode: 3 Months Alternate (MWF/TTS)
Rapid Mode: 2 Month (5 Days/Week)
Weekend Only: 4 Months (Sat/Sun)



  • Why Python and Where to Use it?
  • What is Python and History of Python?
  • Difference Between Python 2 and Python 3
  • Set up Python Environment for Development
  • Write first Python Program
  • Features of Python Programming
  • Details of Statements
  • Python Input/Output Function
  • Compound Data Type
  • Functions and Control Statements


  • Conditional Statement
  • Looping, Control Statement
  • Python File Operation
  • Python Regular Expression
  • Python Multithreading
  • GUI Programming with Python using TkInter
  • Object Orientation and Object Use
  • Python Exception Handling
  • Python Decorators and Generator
  • Python Modules & Packages


  • Web Pprogramming Basics
  • Web/Database Application In Python
  • Database Connectivity in Python
  • Python’s Flask Web Development Framework
  • XML Programming With Python
  • The Django Web Application Framework

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