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Motion Graphics and Visual Effects (VFX) is one of the most vital career fields in the entertainment industry. RED PIXELS Visual Effects Program is specially designed to teach you the same techniques and technology used by professionals so you can turn your dreams into reality.

Adobe After Effects CC provides a comprehensive set of 2D and 3D tools for Compositing, Animation, Motion Graphics professionals, Visual Effects artists and film and video professionals need. After Effects is widely used for digital postproduction of film, video, and the web. You can composite layers in various ways, apply and combine sophisticated visual and audio effects and animate both objects and effects.

Our After Effects Training in delhi's lessons are specially designed to let you learn at your own pace. If you’re new to Adobe After Effects Software, you’ll learn the fundamental concepts and features you will need to master the program. And if you have basics of Adobe After Effects for a while, you will find that our professional training have many advanced features, including tips and techniques for using the latest version.

Although each class provides step-by-step instructions for creating a specific project, there’s room for exploration and experimentation. Each class concludes with a review section summarizing what you’ve covered.

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Classes Modes Course Duration No. of Days
Regular Mode: 2 Months (Alternate Days - MWF/TTS)
Rapid Mode: 1.5 Month (Monday to Friday - 5 Days/Week)
Weekend Only: 3 Months (Sat/Sun)


Lesson Overview

  • Navigating Adobe After Effects interface
  • Create a Project and Import Footage
  • Create Compositions & Arrange Layers
  • Use the Project, Composition, & Timeline panels
  • Working with Layers
  • Transform Layer Properties
  • Apply Basic Effects
  • Preview Your Work
  • Customize the Workspace
  • Adjust Preferences for User Interface
  • Adjust the Duration of a Layer

Getting to know the Workflow

  • Create keyframes
  • Create a Complex Animation with Multiple Layers
  • Animate with Position, Scale & Rotation
  • Use Bezier Curves to Smooth a Motion Path
  • Apply Effects to a Solid Layer
  • Animate a Layered Adobe Photoshop File
  • Work with Imported Photoshop Layer Styles
  • Create a Mask using the Pen Tool
  • Exporting and Publishing Videos
  • Working with Transitions & Effects

Working with Motion Graphics

  • Learning How to Animate Text
  • Keyframes and Animation
  • Animating Shapes & Strokes
  • Working on Logo Animation
  • Working with Lighting
  • Output and Rendering

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As we work to deliver Performance with Purpose, we are proud that numerous organizations have recognized our progress and achievements.

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