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Red Pixels offers professional training course for Computer-Aided Drafting & Designing.

AutoCAD is designed course and software application for person who has polished skills of Civil Engineering, Transport Engineering, surveying, etc. AutoCAD Civil & Mechanical 3D Institute in Delhi is a course platform to groom your ultimate knowledge and skills that you learnt while you were working hard as an engineer. At Red Pixels we provide you that space of development where you groom your skills in AutoCAD Training Institute in Delhi.

We have the best teaching faculty with the high experience in the profiles included in AutoCAD 2D & 3D Course in Delhi. You will learn various concepts in the course like Independently Design Highways and Motorways, creating surfaces in AutoCAD Civil 3D using survey data and defining the survey boundaries, basic concepts of highway design, designing and editing the alignments in AutoCAD Training Institute in Delhi with using additional labelling tools like tangent, curve labels, and many others. The course will complete all the trainings and modules for the profile and you will be provided the best knowledge required in AutoCAD 3D Civil.

This course is basically for Transportation Engineering Students, Civil Engineering Students, Urban Engineering Students, Engineers working in Highway, Road Industry and Surveyors. Worrying about job or placements? guess what! We provide the complete assistance for the placement and job opportunities for you after you complete your course with flying colors.

RED PIXELS - AutoCAD Training Institute in Delhi

Why Red Pixels

Why should you choose us over the competition?

Experience: We have experienced and well trained IT trainers with a glorious five to ten years of experince in Art, Design & Technology, we bring a broad base of experience and knowledge to our special courses. We are passionate about our services and our each and every students growth.

One-to-One Classes: We prefer One-to-One Classes rather making a huge batch. The One-to-One classes focus 100% on your specific needs and objectives. We work on all areas you need to strengthen and work with you to meet your individual goals. The major benefits of One-to One classes is you will identify the specific areas and skills that you wish to improve.

Flexibility: We are best Design and Animation Studio in Delhi and we prefer flexible timing for our students so every student can concentrate more enthusiastic and relaxed in their work.

Monthly Feedbacks & Assignments: With a quick monthly feedback and assignments, we help our students to achieve each and every topic thoroughly on time. We are passionate about the design principles and about helping our students succeed and gain a competitive advantage.

100% Job Assistance: We provide 100% Job assistance to our students in Design Studios, Ad Agencies, E-Learning Companies, Multinational Componies every year.

Creativity: Creativity is defined as the act of turning alternatives, possibilities or imaginative ideas into reality. Examine our Students's Works page and you will see how our student works. We hope this is an indicator of our creative abilities.

Affordable Fees: We offer industry best training courses with affordable course fees with easy installments.

Latest Softwares: We use the latest Windows and Macintosh software packages so that you always keep yourself a step ahead.


Classes Modes Course Duration No. of Days
Regular Mode: 1.5 Months (Alternate Days - MWF/TTS)
Rapid Mode: 1 Month (Monday to Friday - 5 Days/Week)
Weekend Only: 2 Months (Sat/Sun)


AutoCAD 2D Drafting

  • Getting Started with AutoCAD
  • Working with Layers & Coordinate Systems
  • Viewing and Plotting a Drawing
  • Basic CAD Drawing Techniques
  • Creating Basic Geometry
  • Working with Viewport Options
  • Working with Drawing Aids
  • Selecting Dimension Tools
  • Creating Specialized Dimensions
  • Geometric Dimensioning
  • Inserting and Modifying Blocks

AutoCAD 3D Civil

  • Adding Data to Surface using Point Files
  • Adding Data to Surface using Contours
  • Labeling Surfaces
  • Alignments Overview and Usage
  • Alignment Labels and Label Styles
  • Working with UCS View Option
  • Working with 3D Coordinates
  • Working with User Coordinate System
  • Profiles Creation and Editing
  • Creating Design Profile
  • Creating Assemblies, Sub-Assemblies
  • Creating Sample Lines
  • Creating Cross Sections

AutoCAD 3D Mechanical

  • Navigating AutoCAD Mechanical Interface
  • Create Drawing Sheets
  • Drafting Settings in AutoCAD
  • Drawing Fundamentals for AutoCAD
  • Layers & Layouts of AutoCAD
  • How to Add Callouts in AutoCAD?
  • Printing & Plotting Drawings
  • Creating 3D Object in AutoCAD?
  • Modifying 3D Mesh Objects
  • Lights & Camera in AutoCAD
  • Rendering/Import & Export 3D Drawing

Awards & Recognition

As we offer top class software training in delhi, we are proud that thousand of students got placements after joining our special training courses and this is our real Awards and recognition.

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